Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Bronze Solutions

A: Brand New 2 Page Website Design with a Contact Form and SEO Web Marketing for your "Home Town" and your "Home County" and all the listed elements included for Only £60+vat pcm.
A: Yes you can Jeff, this will still include SEO for your Home Town and Home County plus free web updates, web hosting and email account setup.
A: Hello Neale, the answer to that is yes. If you start at one of our lower Solutions and wish to upgrade to a more comprehensive service with the added extras you've mentioned, then it would be our pleasure to help and implement them for you at the Gold level with those associated extras included. I hope that helps.

FAQ: Silver Solutions

A: Brand New 1-5 Page Website Design Plus SEO Web Marketing for your Home County with No Targeted Towns within and all the listed elements included. Only £85+vat pcm
A: Thank you Matthew for your question and the answer is yes. We are flexible about such things and we will help in any way we can to make a solution suit your needs, so adding up to three more pages under the Silver Solution is completely fine for us.
A: Thank you for that question Denise. Our Solutions are priced based on the number of web pages as we are designing and creating them and also the more web pages you have will expand the seo web marketing for your business, so you would need the Gold Solution. But this means upgraded marketing plus the Leave a Review System and Integrated Facebook, so you get lots more for a bigger website.
A: One of the biggest mistakes Jake, is just adding multiple counties to your website and expecting the search engines to pick them up within the text. You can be lucky if the criteria is unique, but that's very rare. If you add multiple counties to a website, it will only confuse the search engines, dilute your focused search criteria and weaken your website. The best solution is to create multiple websites, not trying to confuse or mislead the search engines with dedicated domain names with good quality content to explain that your business covers each added county. We can create discounted solutions to achieve your goals without damaging your main website. We're here to help and to find what best suits you.

FAQ: Gold Solutions

A: Brand New 1-10 Page Website Design Plus SEO Web Marketing for your Home County + 5 Targeted Towns within and all the listed elements included. Only 115+vat pcm.
A: Yes we can Mike, just choose from either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and we will take care of your existing website and transfer it safely over to us and then we can start the monthly web services incorporating our seo web marketing. If you need a new website, then our fees also cover this.
A: Hello Gareth, if you want us to design a brand new 20 page website, then you would need the Platinum Solution as this will give you all you require including maximising all these web pages for seo web marketing, plus lots of extras.
A: Firstly Nicky, yes we can help and as the Gold Solution gives you 10 web pages, there will be room to utilise these for more of your requested towns. I hope this helps and we look forward to working with you.

FAQ: Platinum Solutions

A: Brand New 10+ Page Website Design Plus SEO Web Marketing for your Home County + Multiple Targeted Towns within and all the listed elements included. Only £145+vat pcm.
A: Hello David, no it doesn't include shopping carts. If you wanted a few items linking to Paypal, then we could integrate that in for you, but 10's or 100s of items, then no as it's just too much work for this price level as we update and maintain the website on your behalf and it already includes a newly designed website with updated seo web marketing and other nice extras.
A: Thank you for your question Markus. We will take photos of your premises, vehicles and team and any products you offer to help promote the website. If Video is required, then we can add this to help promote and explain your business to web visitors. This is something we offer our clients if they don't have photos or can't find images on photo websites. We just want to help in any way we can to better promote your company.
A: Hello Allan, all of our Solutions are fixed forever. They will not go up. Only if you upgrade, otherwise it's fixed. I hope that helps with your decision making process.

FAQ: General Solutions

A: Hello Mark, yes you do receive a Paid with Thanks Invoice/Receipt each month and within that invoice/Receipt is the marketing criteria with the positioning of the website. So each and every month you see updated positioning to show you how the website is doing.
A: Yes we do Emma, just tell us what counties you would like to market within and we'll create a discounted monthly package, we have done this for other clients and would be happy to do the same for you.
A: Hello Laura, yes they have been clients of ours for many years now and to answer your question, yes we would be delighted to have you as a new client. We have designed websites for customers in different counties and would dearly value your business.
A: We need some text for each web page, so please describe your business and the services you offer for each page, plus bullet points to high-light those services & your full contact info for the web page. We can source images to compliment your business if you haven't got any images for an additional fee. This would be a good starting point to build from.
A: Yes we can Samantha and we would appreciate the business, so just visit our dedicated website HERE for these other design services.
A: Hello Ken, starting up a new business is time consuming enough, let alone trying to then design a website, manage it and promote it. First make a decision on what Solution to go for, (I think we are looking at Bronze). We will ask you to send us your text and any photos you've got. If you need assistance with images for the website to help represent your services, we can help with that. Then we can start the design process. If you have a logo, we can use those colours to work with for the new website. That's all we need for now.
A: Hello Stephen, our monthly Solutions allow you to find the right service for your budget. Our Solutions include Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email Accounts, Web Updates, Web Marketing and also include Website Design as part of the monthly fee. Our Solutions are perfect as the client chooses their monthly fixed fee from the services provided and with no extra web design upfront fees. We manage it all for you leaving you to focus on the running of your business while we promote and manage your business on-line. It couldn't be more easy and with over 20 years of experience, you couldn't be in better hands.
A: Hello Jo, yes I completely understand, this happens all the time, a company name doesn't always equal a good search engine promotional name. However there is no need to change it and go through the expense and headache. Through our monthly Solutions, we cannot only design and rebuild you a new website, but also create a search engine friendly domain that will work seamlessly with your existing domain without the need to change your stationery etc... This is all part of our service, to take away the internet headaches, leaving us to fully manage your website from design through to marketing.
A: Hello Michael, honestly no catch, if you think they are low, then thank you and I look forward to you being a new client of ours. Our four monthly "fixed forever" fees offer good value for money with no large upfront payment. The website design and all the services will be held at that "forever fee" and it will not go up unless you wish to upgrade. The services stay with us as part of the monthly rental fees, so you are renting our services and as long as you continue to keep up the regular monthly payments, then you keep all the services and website.

If you wish to transfer your domain (if you own it) away from us, then we will of course transfer it, but all other services including the website, web marketing etc which you have rented each month and not purchased will stay with us as your monthly fees pay for this complete service and cannot be transferred or copied in any way as this is copy written under FG Web Design Solutions ©. You can keep any photos you're purchased and if we've designed your logo and you've paid for it separately, then this is your property.

If you wish to leave us, it's because you'll wish to either start afresh with another company or close your business, so you can simply walk away as no notice is required.

Of course we don't want that to happen and there should be no reason to leave us as our fees will stay fixed forever, your services will be fully managed and the website will be updated and marketed each and every month to the best of our ability. We will always communicate with you and we will answer any questions you may have and if any issues do arise, then we will deal with them and address your concerns so both parties are completely happy. We have over 20 years trading and we are proud to look after our valued clients to the full. It's all part of the service.

Thank You For Your Valued Questions

If you have any questions that you would like answered, then please feel free to drop us an Email. We will do our level best to answer any concerns or technical questions you may have. We are here to be of help. Thank you for your many questions, I hope we can be of service to you soon.

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If I transfer my website over to you can I still have a new website for the Bronze price?

Yes you can Jeff, this will give you a 3 page website plus contact form...

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